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  Product Quantity Price incl. GST Total $
Swedish Bitters 500ml $59.60  
Swedish Bitters 200ml $30.25  
Swedish Bitters 100ml $18.90  
Swedish Bitters 50ml dropper $14.40  
Swedish Bitters 25ml dropper $8.30  
Swedish Bitters Cream 100g $19.00  
Swedish Bitters Cream 50g $11.40  
Swedish Bitters Cream 25g $6.90  
Swedish Bitters Face Scrub 100g $13.70  
Swedish Bitters Dried Herbs 30g Packet $23.50  
NZ Bush Bitters 500ml $59.60  
NZ Bush Bitters 200ml $30.25  
NZ Bush Bitters 100ml $18.90  
NZ Bush Bitters 50ml $14.40  
NZ Bush Bitters 25ml dropper $8.30  
NZ Bush Bitters Cream 100g $19.00  
NZ Bush Bitters Cream 50g $11.40  
NZ Bush Bitters Cream 25g $6.90  
NZ Bush Relaxant 500ml $65.55  
NZ Bush Relaxant 200ml $34.05  
NZ Bush Relaxant 100ml $22.30  
NZ Bush Relaxant 50ml $16.20  
NZ Bush Relaxant 25ml $9.20  
Paramo 500ml $59.60  
Paramo 200ml $30.25  
Paramo 100ml $18.90  
Paramo 50ml $14.40  
Paramo 25ml $8.30  
Natanata 500ml $59.60  
Natanata 200ml $30.25  
Natanata 100ml $18.90  
Natanata 50ml $14.40  
Natanata 25ml $8.30  
Karana 500ml $59.60  
Karana 200ml $30.25  
Karana 100ml $18.90  
Karana 50ml $14.40  
Karana 25ml $8.30  
Marupa 500ml $59.60  
Marupa 200ml $30.25  
Marupa 100ml $18.90  
Marupa 50ml $14.40  
Marupa 25ml $8.30  
Candida 500ml $93.50  
Candida 200ml $39.85  
Candida 100ml $22.45  
Candida 50ml $16.20  
Candida 25ml $11.55  
Pain Relief 500ml $93.50  
Pain Relief 200ml $39.85  
Pain Relief 100ml $22.45  
Pain Relief 50ml $16.20  
Pain Relief 25ml $11.55  
Hinu Mahue (Weight Loss) 500ml $93.50  
Hinu Mahue (Weight Loss) 200ml $39.85  
Hinu Mahue (Weight Loss) 100ml $22.45  
Hinu Mahue (Weight Loss) 50ml with dropper $16.20  
Hinu Mahue (Weight Loss) 25ml with dropper $11.55  
  Freight ( minimum anywhere in New Zealand) $6.70  
  Total <--Add Freight

All prices are in NZ Dollars and include GST

*If in New Zealand and ordering 4 items or less please add freight of $6.70 to your order. Postage excludes GST
*If you are overseas we will add freight costs to your order.

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